Bruce Spielbauer was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and grew up in Dallas, Texas. After eleven long years in the south, Bruce began to worry that he might be forcefully ejected by the Texas authorities. So, he left Dallas -- to everybody's mutual satisfaction. He roamed the countryside for awhile, always seeking a place known for its mild, pleasant weather. Instead, he picked Chicago.
When he was fourteen, Bruce proudly announced to the world that he was going to be an actor, and he hasn't been taken seriously since.
In college, Bruce majored in theatre, with an acting emphasis. Then, he began performing professionally as a full-time company member at a summer stock dinner theater located on a showboat on the Mississipi River. Bruce continued to perform exclusively on stage for twenty years.
More recently, he has added film and television to the mix. Today, Bruce divides his time between stage and screen. He has appeared in more than fifty feature films, countless short films, and TV commercials, and industrials. Bruce also has had appearances on television, including several appearances on the Investigation Discovery Channel, Entrapment for the Fox Network, and an upcoming TV pilot called Rock Hero.
In his spare time, Bruce used to occasionally work as an extra or a stand-in, and he can be seen briefly in major studio films such as The Dark Knight and The Fugitive. He no longer does this, although Bruce says he is much sought-after for extra work because he is so talented at being "really, really, really out of focus, and so very far, far, far away."
Bruce is based out of the Chicago area, but he regularly travels all over the country for his passion -- acting.