Recent Projects

Day 1
Status: Now in the festival circuit. This futuristic sci-fi thriller has been winning awards at major film festivals all across the country. Bruce plays the character of George, a supporting role. It will be released soon, as soon as it finishes its festival run.
Bachelor's Grove
Bachelor's Grove was just released for home video. It is now available in stores everywhere, and also through streaming. This horror thriller is quickly becoming a cult classic. Bruce plays Ralph Peterson. To purchase, click here.
Qwerty - The Movie
Qwerty is a wonderful, quirky comedy, and if you missed it in theaters, it is now available on home video. Bruce plays the role of Jerry -- the scrabble judge at the International Scrabble Tournament Finals. To purchase, click here.
Frankenstein: Day of the Beast
Frankenstein: Day of the Beast is now available on home video at all major retailers on Blu-Ray and DVD -- and also for streaming. Bruce plays the role of The Blind Man in this gritty re-telling of a classic tale. To purchase, click here.
Proxy is a disturbing, edgy psychological thriller, and it made several critics' "top ten" lists. It is now available, in Blu-Ray, DVD, and for streaming. Bruce plays Marshall Michaels -- the father to Joe Swanberg's character. To purchase, click here.
Life and Death of an Unhappily...
The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man is a dark comedy, and it is finishing its run at film festivals all over the world. It has now been screened at more than 50 festivals, and won many awards, including "Best Film" and "Best Feature Film." It will soon be released for home video.
Bled White
Bled White is the perfect zombie movie -- in that it focuses on humans, and not on the mysterious creatures that are terrorizing them. It is widely available at stores, at Amazon, and for home viewing through streaming. Bruce plays Sam Dale -- a very conflicted family man. To purchase, click here.
The Iron Mask
A stage play. The Iron Mask is an adaptation of the classic story of The Three Musketeers -- The Man in in the Iron Mask. Bruce was back on stage, recently playing Old Phillipe -- in this terrific tale of revenge. Presented at Theatre-Hikes.
Plastic is a thought provoking jouney inside the mind of a serial killer. This film is available in stores, and is sometimes available for streaming as well. Directed by Jose Carlos Gomez, and starring North Roberts. Bruce has a small, but fun role as the killer's landlord. To purchase, click here.
Harold and Maude
A play. Bruce was recently back on stage in Chicago, playing the psychiatrist to Harold -- the disturbed, young teen who falls in love with a 79 year old woman. The play had a successful run at the Lincoln Square Theatre.
New Day
New Day is a spectacular psychological thriller. Eight years after he lost his wife in the tragic events of Sept. 11, a man discovers that his wife is actually still alive. This mystery is available for purchase on DVD or Blu-Ray disc.
Day 1
Bruce played Gandalf in this stage production of The Hobbit -- the story that started it all. The play had a very successful eight week run in Chicago, with large crowds and excellent reviews.
The Sad Cafe
The movie The Sad Cafe is now available on home video, at last. This drama / thriller probes a hitman who falls in love, and the lengths he must go to protect the woman he most cares about. To purchase, click here.
Axe Lizzie
A play. An edgy twist on a very familiar story. Bruce was on stage playing the father to Lizzie Borden in Axe Lizzie a terrific new examination of why a proper young lady might murder both her mother, and her father... with an axe. Presented at the Cock and Bull Theater, in Chicago.